Y.E.S. For Christ Jesus Ministries Inc. 

Youth Expressing Sovereignty 

Congratulations to Mr. Marquis Jackson, better known as 199x who is 23 years old and has taken courses at Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL., pertaining to recording and performing arts.  Mr. Marquis Jackson; 199x completed his first project pertaining to producing, mixing, mastering, performing, and writing.

Mr. Marquis Jackson; 199x occasionally visits his home town in Wichita, Ks. speaking at various High Schools to encourage youth and young adult to stay close to God, keep the faith, and follow their dreams.

We are blessed to have  Mr. Marquis Jackson; 199x as part of our Economic Development Ministry.

" I enjoy watching youth and young adult Immaculate their dreams by faith and supplication.  Mr. Marquis Jackson; 199x is a primary example that without faith, we can do nothing.  Growing up in extreme poverty is not something that every kid is blessed to make it through.  With praying moms, grandmothers, pastors, and a supportive community, Mr. Marquis Jackson; 199x was blessed to stay connected and place his dreams and goals into existence.  We salute you Mr. Marquis Jackson; 199x and we are proud to extend to you the A.O.R Award of Righteousness on behalf of outstanding achievement in Hip Hop Recording and Music Production.  God Bless you and keep you filled with the first fruits of faith.

--Elder Josie and Mr. Donald E. Robinson

Email:  [email protected]

To contact Mr. Marquis Jackson; 199x regarding Mentoring, Music Production and Writing; visit the following links: