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Youth Expressing Sovereignty 

Congratulations to Brother Marquis Jackson, better known as 199x who is 23 years old and has taken courses at Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL., pertaining to Music Writing, Music Production, and Performing Arts. 

Brother Marquis occasionally visits his home town in Wichita, Kansas. encouraging youth and young adult to stay close to God, keep the faith, and follow their dreams.

We are blessed to have Brother Marquis as part of our Ministry.

" I enjoy watching youth and young adult rise to the next level of faith by prayer and supplication. Being raised a good kid in Wichita, Kansas, Brother Marquis was blessed to stay connected to God and place his dreams and goals into existence.  We salute Brother Marquis and we are happy to extend the 2020 A.O.R Award of Righteousness on behalf of outstanding achievement as an Ordained Missionary for Christ which includes, 16 years of field experience, Oklahoma Impact AAU Basketball League, Maximum Exposure Basketball Clinics, and an outstanding Writing and Musical resume of Sound Production.  God Bless you always Brother Marquis, continue to trust in the Lord.

Proverbs 3:5:6| Marquis Jackson

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2014 Oklahoma Impact AAU Basketball League; Oklahoma City, OK.

2013 Fall Maximum Exposure Basketball Clinics; Kansas City, MO.

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